About Us

Incremental is the manifestation of that feeling when you have a product you really like, but there is that one thing, maybe a couple little details, that you wish were just a bit better, or included at all. "I like this wallet, but when I'm in other countries their taller currency sticks out the top". "This little rollup chess set is cool, but the pieces are always getting bumped out of place." These are just a couple out of countless thoughts our founder, Adrian, has accumulated over the years. 

After a 20 year career in the outdoor industry working with companies like REI, Bass Pro Shops and Montbell, Adrian got a small team together and began designing products around these ideas. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we design and test everything here in our daily lives and travels. 

We hope our products can bring a bit more fun and convenience to you as well. Hope to see you out there living!